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The company's development activities are carried out around the theme of "team integration, tempering will"

From: Date:2022-6-22

The expansion activities are carried out around the theme of "team integration, tempering will". The purpose is to exercise the will of each partner through the process of outdoor activities, cultivate the spirit of not giving up and not giving up, and make the team more cohesive and combative after experiencing challenges together.

In order to improve the teamwork ability of employees, relieve work pressure, stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work and life, enhance the relationship between colleagues, and enhance team cohesion, the company specially launched a one-day outdoor development activity, and the effect has been received. The staff responded enthusiastically,

The company's employees also arrived at their destination as scheduled. This event is also divided into several projects such as real cs, guarding BOSS, picnic and so on. The girls set up some places to eat first, and then put the food and drink in place. , just participate in the game that everyone is about to start. The first thing to start is the real CS. This project also tests the cooperation, cover and guidance ability between colleagues, how to cover teammates and kill the opponent's enemy, which also requires the commander, and trust among colleagues. Everyone needs to think and think.

In the last ten kilometers of hiking, although the sky was a little gloomy, it did not prevent everyone from getting close to nature. Wandering in the Yingxi Corridor with karst landforms, surrounded by green peaks, you are accompanied by good partners in work and life. Laughter and laughter became the main theme of the team. The road may not be as smooth as you think, with mud and bumps, but because of the challenges, it makes more sense to reach the end of the victory. In the process, I left a photo and a little memory.

In this expansion activity organized by the company, not only the body of the company's employees has been exercised, but also the mood has been relieved, and the work pressure has also been released. It also strengthens the communication between colleagues, increases the teamwork ability, also increases the cohesion of the company, and promotes the healthy and rapid development of the company.