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Company Profile

SHENZHEN ZUAN YING TECHNOLOGY TRADE Co., Ltd.  franchised from the world famous series of IC manufacturers, has with excellent product quality,stable supply, improved after-sale system, and won the trust of customers and markets, with many producers and established good relations and cooperation.

Since its establishment, constantly seeking innovation in the service of public objectives, and strive to do the best I Division has a certain strength and size, product inventory variety, and quality, coupled with modern management structure to enable us counterparts in the leading position and gain the client's trust and support, the ompany has been the aim : more goods, inexpensive, quality, and for reoviding services. Welcoming the patrons of the business outlook, numbers from the Electronic community for the common prosperity and development.

Welcome your calls / enquiries letter, we will at concessional prices and reliable quality, warm and thoughtful for you to provide services to meet your needs.

Offering the products that matter most to you With a wide variety of products in stock and fast, reliable service and support, you can easily find and buy what you need with us. Plus, our convenient one-stop shopping method and competitive pricing give you the best value for money, eliminating the need to shop around.

In the future, we will gradually develop towards industrialization, diversification and grouping on the basis of the IC spot business model, so as to create more economic benefits to give back to the society, take on more social responsibilities, and look forward to a long-term cooperation with you. work hard in partnership.