Diamond Technology Provide Electronic Components Global Supply Chain Services

Spot Buy Service

In the highly cyclical electronics industry, changes in market conditions can lead to unanticipated shortages of parts and components, jeopardizing the factory's original orderly production plan and, in severe cases, the immediacy of factory shipments. At the same time, the risk of spot procurement is particularly high. If you are not careful, it will not only lead to stagnation of production, but also cause hidden dangers in quality. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a qualified off-the-shelf supplier.

The off-the-shelf service we provide:

With global supply network and years of market experience, we can provide the most accurate stock information, including manufacturer, material code, production date, price, RoHS standard, packaging information and arrival date.
Strict supplier audit mechanism and incoming QC inspection, along with internationally certified quality control process standards, Delsheng Electronics helps customers to strictly control the quality of each batch of goods.

With the global "7 days-24 hours" service, we can obtain the most in-demand goods in the market in the shortest possible time; adopt the transportation services of international express companies such as FEDEX/UPS/DHL to ensure accurate and punctual quality transportation.

As the preferred partner of world-renowned EMS manufacturers, we can provide market information on products including CPU, memory, integrated circuits, passive devices and connectors. With the professional technical support of the marketing and sales team, we can provide market supply in emerging markets. A stocking service that quickly and batches purchases of in-demand items before shortages and rising prices.