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Quality Assurance

A rigorous quality inspection process is a core part of our electronic quality control system. In order to ensure that customers "buy with confidence and use with confidence", every inspection step we formulate is guaranteed to be implemented effectively. We have advanced testing procedures, professional testing equipment, and most importantly, experienced IQC engineers, as well as a professional and responsible working attitude to ensure that our customers get world-class quality products.

"Quality First" is our consistent aim of serving customers.

Our quality management system includes:

1. Supplier review/scoring system
2. Quality inspection process
3. Warehousing/packaging/transportation standards
4. Quality control database management
5. RMA return process

1. Visual inspection
For all incoming goods, we will conduct visual inspection and make detailed inspection records

Manufacturer, manufacturer's part number, quantity, date of manufacture and environmental standard testing
Outer packaging inspection, whether the packaging is in good condition/complete, and whether the packaging materials meet the requirements of the corresponding MSL standards
Screen printing (marking) inspection, consistency check, verification of original specifications and documents
Visual inspection of materials, dust condition, pins for deformation, pins for signs of oxidation
HS CODE inspection, whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list information

2. Engineer review
Any suspicious materials found by visual inspection, or materials supplied by non-system "first-line suppliers", must be re-inspected by engineers

Review the visual inspection process
Consult quality control database, check manufacturer's label/mark, code identification
Barcode Scanning Detection
Check the wafer/package lot number (lot No.), production date and corresponding origin with the original factory
Simple electrical performance test

3. Quality testing
All products not identified during the engineer's re-inspection process will enter the quality inspection process

Solderability Test
D-CAP Analysis
Anatomical analysis
Electrical performance compliance testing
Original factory test analysis report

We assure our customers that the warranty period is more than 90 days. During this time, if a customer has any questions about the quality of any item we sell, please follow our RMA returns process to ensure we can provide you with the most timely solution. plan.

If you have any questions about the quality of the goods we provide, please contact the appropriate sales representative as soon as possible and provide the following necessary documents:
1. Sales Invoice and Packing List, so that we can call up the details of the customer's suspicious goods in the quality control library as soon as possible.

2. Please send the quality inspection report by mail or fax, so that we can immediately contact relevant manufacturers to consult quality problems and eliminate potential risks.

We promise to provide proactive countermeasures and resolution processes/solutions within 24 hours of receipt of the client's RMA application
In terms of sample testing, we need customers to provide product samples with questionable quality, and submit them to the original factory or a third-party authoritative testing agency for detailed testing and analysis to find out the root cause of quality problems, so as to deal with quality risks more effectively.
If it is confirmed that there is a problem with the quality of the goods, we promise that the customer will recall the goods in full and bear all the shipping costs.