Diamond Technology Provide Electronic Components Global Supply Chain Services

Our advantage

Global brand advantage channel

Complete qualifications and traceable sources
◆ More than 15 years of experience in imported chip supply, with exclusive supply channels
◆ Purchase from the original brand factory, no need to deal with middlemen
◆ All imported products have been inspected and declared by the customs, and are supplied from regular sources, which are stable and stable

Original authorization

100% original electronic components
◆ You can sign a quality assurance agreement, legal guarantee, and you can get ten if you leave it
◆ The brand is original and authentic, and the promised components are all original, and the quality can be traced
◆ Cooperate with China Electronic Components Center Laboratory and third-party testing institutions to carry out strict testing

Large spot inventory

Complete scientific storage models
◆There are tens of millions of general/commonly used products in stock, and the same day delivery
◆Original allocation of global brands/predicted inventory to support scarce materials
◆Scientific management system controls the storage environment, prevents components from being damp or oxidized, and standardizes smart warehouses for electronic parts

Procurement efficiency

Efficient stock, fast delivery
◆ Tens of millions of common/common materials in stock, efficient quotation and careful documentation
◆ Global scarce material allocation/forecast inventory support
◆ For the factory to resell slow-moving materials, provide alternative materials for reference
◆ One-stop electronic components spot solution