Diamond Technology Provide Electronic Components Global Supply Chain Services

BOM Kitting

1. Strong brand matching ability: There are more than 2,000 electronic component brands in the world.

2. Provide centralized long-term and stable supporting supply for the components in the customer's BOM table, ensure delivery according to the customer's production plan, simplify logistics arrangements and reduce costs.

3. The customer gives us the BOM and cost target --> we are responsible for controlling the BOM cost --> the customer checks the order status of the components through the system --> the whole set of products is delivered to the customer according to the customer's production arrangement.

4. Help customers achieve more effective supply chain management. And reduce procurement time and cost to maintain market competitiveness.

5. Fill in the BOM code. Fill in the type, specification, manufacturer/brand, packaging, batch number, dosage, category and other attributes of electronic components/ic as required. If there is no requirement for attributes such as chip brand and batch number, it is not required to fill in.

6. BOM intelligent order distribution, giving you the best choice, one-click ordering.

7. Optimal recommendation of big data, through big data analysis, predict the demand situation of users.