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HOLTEK Introduces BC66F2133 Sub-1GHz RF Transmitter MCU

From: Date:2022-6-22

Holtek's new Sub-1GHz OOK/FSK RF transmitter A/D Flash MCU BC66F2133 is suitable for license-exempt ISM frequency bands below 1GHz, provides OOK/FSK modulation options, and the RF characteristics comply with ETSI/FCC specifications. It is suitable for wireless ceiling fans, wireless doorbells, RF switches, smart homes, cold chain temperature detection and other products to expand wireless control functions.

The working voltage of BC66F2133 is 2.2V~3.6V; MCU has 2K×14 Flash ROM, 64×8 RAM, 32×14 EEPROM; 9 I/Os; 1 set of 8-bit timer, 10-bit×4 channel ADC, 1 Group 8-bit PWM. Built-in 8MHz and 32kHz system frequencies. Programmable RF transmit power up to +13dBm.

The BC66F2133 is available in a small 16-pin NSOP-EP package and complies with the -40°C~85°C industrial temperature range. Holtek has a professional RF service team to provide technical support and quickly launch various product development applications.