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AOS Releases Latest P-MOS Transistor for USB PD Load Switch

From: Date:2022-6-22

AOS Releases Latest P-MOS Transistor for USB PD Load Switch

Wide input voltage, versatile and robust USB PD load switch solution

A few days ago, AOS (AOS, NASDAQ: AOSL), a well-known power semiconductor and chip supplier integrating design, development, production and global sales, is now launching a new type of P MOS transistor - AONR21357, which is pre-made by P Processing to achieve lossless startup is more reliable, standard DFN 3*3 package, BVDss=-30V, VGS=-25V, Rdson=12.3mohm@VGS=-4.5V, ideal switch for notebook power adapters and battery loads.

USB Typc-C has become a mainstream interface for PCs and mobile phones, so the USB-PD standard can be widely implemented as it covers the different power delivery needs of various portable devices. The load switch circuit is used to control the on-off of the power bus, and the AONR21357 is used for the load switch of a wide range of input and output voltages. Its robustness and high reliability are suitable for various working conditions. The AOS-improved P-Series technology should be robust enough to operate in linear mode with an ultra-low Miller platform (<3.5V) that can cover mainstream USB-PD voltages.

 "AONR21357 fully meets the application requirements of -30VDS/-25VGS P-series MOS transistors, and its excellent performance such as ultra-low Miller platform and low-loss switching characteristics ensure its reliability and safe operating area, enabling R&D engineers to realize the simplicity of P MOS transistors. design”, Rack Tsai, Product Director, Low Voltage MOSFETs, AOS.

Technical advantages:

This new product line is available in many different RDSONs and various packages.